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Version 6.0 (XM/XW) - Final Release (December 19, 2016)

Important Note:
- Version 6.0 is recommended for PTMP Mixed mode usage (M clients connected to AC AP)

- New: airMAX AC client mode support (AP must be upgraded to airOS8 and PTMP Mixed mode selected)
- New: Don't do full restart on most configuration changes
- New: Added signal per chain reporting for AirControl v2
- New: Add kernel crashlog into Support info for better troubleshooting
- New: Added Crash log reporting to Ubiquiti Networks for better troubleshooting
- New: Added "default-mru" key in ppp/options file to disable MRU negotiation
- New: Added MRU negotiation Enable/Disable option
- New: Store configuration backup if upgrade fixer is changing it
- New: Enable Block management access on WAN when switching to Router mode
- New: Dynamic DNS configuration via system.cfg
- New: Added option allowing LLDP packets to pass wireless bridge
- New: DHCP Option configuration via system.cfg
- New: Update dropbear to v2016.74
- New: OpenSSL update to v1.0.2h
- New: lighttpd update to v1.4.39
- New: Linux kernel update to v2.6.32.71

Regulatory Updates:
- ETSI EN 301 893 v1.8.1 adaptivity improvements
- Update 5GHz band for China: add 5180-5240MHz and 5260-5320MHz channels
- Revised UNII Rules activation for NanoStation M5, NanoStation Loco M5 and LiteBeam M5 23

- Reduce false positives and misclassifications of invalid DFS radar events
- airMAX security improvements
- MAC authentication process improvement while RADIUS server is not reachable
- Various vulnerability/security changes
- Stability improvements
- Performance issue when XM device runs out of memory

- Fix: Set CPU speed to 400MHz to eliminate out of band emission for Verizon (XM series)
- Fix: AP drops stations when another AP with the same SSID is running on the same frequency
- Fix: Stability fixes (random AP/Station reboots)
- Fix: RADIUS MAC Authentication fails in case server isn't reachable
- Fix: Can't SSH to Mikrotik devices
- Fix: Do not load NAT helpers modules when NAT is disabled
- Fix: DNS Proxy binds not just to LAN but to WAN port also
- Fix: MSS Clamping for PPPoE is not enabled when Management VLAN is configured
- Fix: Generate unique SSL certificate for each device
- Fix: Generate SSL certificate start date from firmware build timestamp
- Fix: Crontab does not work with multiple scheduler/commands
- Fix: AirMax Capacity reports over 100 percent with Legacy devices
- Fix: Site Survey doesn't report full list of available APs
- Fix: Show full EdgeSwitch firmware version in Device Discovery
- Fix: Device Name with not allowed symbols breaks DHCP
- Fix: Impossible to log in with SSH authorisation keys
- Fix: French language translation issue
- Fix: Change antenna reporting to Chain0/Chain1 instead of Vertical/Horizontal for all Rocket models
- Fix: Wrong TX Power reporting from command line "iwlist ath0 txpower" (XW)
- Fix: DHCPv6 doesn't after PPPoE session reinitialisation
- Fix: Revised UNII Rules activation/deactivation for products manufactured after 06/01/2016 (due to changes in the FCC rules)

- WEB UI: Updated Chinese translation
- WEB UI: More statistics on Main page (CPU/Memory usage)
- WEB UI: Added DFS Events monitoring list on the Main page
- WEB UI: Switch antenna Chain0/Chain1 mapping to Horizontal/Vertical for PowerBeams
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